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Oh really, Brodie?  From that vacuum of secrecy known as the San Jose Sharks, you get enough for a gut feeling?  Okay, why not.

First, have the Sharks given Mr. Woodcroft enough attention?  Have they flagged him for the fans as a familiar face, a someone we should be paying attention to?  You can’t just throw someone in there and say “look, here’s a new member of the fearless leaders panel.”  Or something. (more…)

The Dry Season

I thought things had gone quiet in hockey land a couple of weeks ago.  I guess I was wrong.  Now the silence rings like voices in my head, which could mean I’m going crazy or my hearing has been amplified like in the Tell-Tale Heart.  Oh, the guy in the Tell-Tale Heart was going crazy?  I guess that leaves only the one option.

In the middle of this unsettling quiet, I asked if I could write about the Sharks for Kukla’s Korner.  That’s what having a few beers in idle hands will do for you.  They said yes.  There’s about 1200 words missing from that statement, about the surprise and panic I experienced over that.  I’m over it now, I think. (more…)

petshark: talking stick (Kukla’s Korner intro)

“I’d like to introduce petshark as our San Jose Sharks blogger.

“Even though she is not well-known within the hockey blogging community, I have a feeling she will be in few short months.”


I want to thank Kukla’s Korner for letting me through the door.  I’m very grateful.  I’m also a little terrified and excited and confused and hopeful.

I’m female, living in the Northern California wine country.  I’ve been blogging, mostly about hockey, for a little over a year, but my blog got very little traffic. That was comfortable and familiar.  Am I ready to be here?  I dunno, but if you wait until you’re ready you never are. Just in case, I’ll hang on to my talking stick, my pen name. (more…)

Kyle Wellwood and Nikolay Zherdev: how to lose your place in line

As of July 21, 2011, neither Nikolay Zherdev nor Kyle Wellwood had received NHL offers for the upcoming season.   Did going to Russia cut too many ties for them to find a place through the old boys network?  I think that’s likely.  Not in the “we hate you for going to the KHL” sense.  Zherdev, is, after all, Ukranian.  It’s just that when you leave the party people tend to start forgetting you.  They don’t save you a seat.  Just ask Nabby.

Despite having left the NHL, however briefly, they didn’t make enemies of their teams’ fanbases when they got back.  That should count for something. (more…)

Arbit Day

There isn’t really an arbitration day.  It’s just that today the arbitration hearings start between NHL teams and the RFAs they couldn’t come to terms with before now.  The hearing between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Teddy Purcell has been cancelled.  They came to terms before the hearing.  Also on the agenda today: Lauri Korpikoski and Viktor Stalberg.  Those have been cancelled too.



Surely, I was thinking, surely something will start to happen today.  That today’s schedule has been wiped clean doesn’t preclude anything happening, it just bodes ill for anyone pining for signs of life in the NHL.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll get some action.  The NY Rangers and Brandon Dubinsky haven’t come to terms yet, so there’s hope. (more…)

Sympathy with the Snilmgren

During the 2009-10 season, the Flyers started off in a funk, turned it around, scrambled their way into the playoffs and clawed their way to the Finals.  It coulda been a movie.  Despite injuries, despite not having The League’s best goalies, despite all the reasons they started out slow, they made a heroic push and almost won it all.

It’s a great story for fans.  Hey, it sold me lock stock and gear I couldn’t afford.  But for an owner or a GM it might very well have been a dilemma, maybe even a trip through the looking glass. (more…)

The Rule of 5

Why the Flyers did what they did I have no idea. They waited before the market was set last year and overpaid Michael Leighton on a 2-year, $3.1M contract. As it turned out, better goalies went for less as the off-season went on. The Flyers jumped the gun, and in doing so, overpaid a guy they had absolutely zero business overpaying. -A Comeback of Epic Proportions Comes Complete

The why doesn’t interest me as much as the what.  What happened this summer and what happened last summer was not about goalies.  If the Flyers wanted to keep their team together and just improve their goaltending, Nabokov was the sensible choice.  Clearly, that wasn’t what they wanted to do. (more…)