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2 Year Extension for Logan Couture

(Originally published at Kukla’s Korner)

Late last night, Ray Ratto broke the news  that Logan Couture and the Sharks had agreed to a 2 year contract extension.  This morning, Twitter tells us that the numbers are $2.75M for the first year and $3M for the second.  That sounds eminently reasonable considering what Couture brings to the team.

I don’t put much stock in talk  of Couture contracting sophomoritis this season.  Being picky about details, I might say this is only sort of his second NHL season.  He played a lot in the 2009-2010 season.  Maybe the end of last season was his sophomore slump.  If that’s all we had to fear I can live with that.  More importantly, I don’t believe he’s wired that way. (more…)

Human target

(Originally published on Kukla’s Korner)

Sharks Ice, Wednesday morning.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen this particular player at Sharks Ice but I know I’ve seen him at least twice now. I’ll call him 45.  It is possible that the other players were helping him work on his balance, by knocking him down whenever they could.  Or maybe 45 agreed to act as a human target for these morning skates.  One spectator came over and asked who number 45 was.  Number 45, or his fate, made a distinct impression on the audience. (more…)

So many stops

(Originally published on Kukla’s Korner)

An old cowboy once told me that a horse only has so many stops in him.  He was referring to sliding stops, something required of high-level western show horses, known as reining horses.  Due to the physical strain on the joints and tendons, and the high level of reactive sharpness required, a horse can only do this so many times in its life. How many?  You never know, so don’t waste those stops.

Similarly, we only have so many starts in us.  Cameron MacIntyre is making a new start right now. (more…)

All Ducky

(Originally published on Kukla’s Korner)

Thursday’s practice might have been cause for alarm for me, as Brent Burns was not present for the 10 am skate.  I am easily alarmed.  Tell me it isn’t necessary or even good for the guys to be skating every day so far in advance of training camp.  To quote Indiana Jones, “it’s not the years, honey…” but I will still get a little nervous when someone I am used to seeing isn’t there.  Turns out he was golfing so even for a habitual worry-wort, there was no cause for alarm.

Burns was not the only one missing but he is such a big presence that you really notice his absence. (more…)

Wednesday at Captain’s Practice

(Originally posted on Kuklas Korner)

Apparently there were some familiar faces newly seen at Captain’s practice Tuesday, which I didn’t make it to.  Fine, I won’t take that personally.

Wednesday there was a new face from the Sharks, or new for the skates I’ve been at: Sena Acolatse.  I find it curious how easy it is for me to remember how to spell his name, but I still get all tangled up when I have to figure out a name with “ie” or “ei” in it.  I could blame that on trying to learn too many foreign languages over the years, though I’m pretty sure I would be wrong in any language. But Acolatse?  No problem, its pleasantly phonetic.   (more…)

Where’s Joe Pavelski?

(Originally published on Kukla’s Korner)

Practice was a little more crowded Monday, there were even two goalies (woo hoo!) so a proper pickup game could be played.  From the Sharks it was the same three as before: Burns, Greiss and MacIntyre, no new developments there.  There were several fans on hand today, including one who wanted to know, and asked loudly, where Joe Pavelski is:

I’m not sure which was doing the asking, they were behind me. (more…)

Now and Later: What About Bob

I’ve discussed whether or not Bob can be sent to the Phantoms so many times with so many people that I think my Twitter prints are all over any discussion of the issue by now.  I just went over it again with Marc Siciliano, the new Flyers blogger for Kukla’s Korner and Mark Trible of the Checking Line.  My reading of the CBA 13.2 is that any player can start the season in the AHL or the NHL, and waivers are only an issue from 12 days before the season starts to the end of a team’s season:

13.2 The “Playing Season Waiver Period” shall begin on the twelfth (12th) day prior to the start of the Regular Season  and end on the day following the last day of a Club’s Playing Season…” -2005 CBA

If the Flyers really truly wanted to make as much of Bobrovsky as he can be, they could and should send him to the AHL and leave him there, come hell or high water, all season. (more…)