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Sharks: Burns Likes Us, He Really Likes Us

I know I said I would focus on the Flyers here but the Flyers aren’t doing anything and the Sharks are.  So here’s my post from Kukla’s Korner this morning:

Burns signed a 5 year extension with the San Jose Sharks.  Wow. I want to say that’s very Pisces of him, a “just do it” attitude like that.  Alrighty then.  (I just knew that if I started this morning’s blog entry out with “Sharks haven’t made any big announcements,” they would do something.  Yeah, I meant to do that.) 

David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period tweeted “Wow… $5.75M/year for Burns… I didn’t think he would cash in THAT much!”  Huh. I’m going to have to look up all the possible connotations of “cash in.”  I think it is safe to say a lot of people expected Burns to command a little more than that, if everything went well. 

According to what David Pollak has heard, the deal is a flat $5.75 per year “no front-end loading, no signing bonus.”  How neat and tidy.  Well done, Mr. Wilson. 

If you’re a worry-wort you could wait for the other shoe to drop.  Pollak just tweeted that he: “Made a couple more calls and emphasis on the “about” on that $28.8 M for Brent Burns’ five-year contract extension. Ink must be smudged.”  So, what if the Sharks are going to pay him more?  Would that be surprising?  Upsetting?  I guess it depends on how badly smudged that ink is.

The worry-free among us can dwell on how cool it is of the Sharks and Burns to get this sorted out during Shark Week.  Nice. 

This extension makes the deals with Minny look a lot better.  The Sharks get to keep the player they paid for.  Back at the time of the trade, Burns explained that being traded and moved around wasn’t something he was used to:

“This never happened to me before so it’s a learning experience,” Burns said. “Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.” -Working the Corners

My first reaction to that was “yeah, we’ll see.”  I’m one of those people always looking for that other shoe to thump me in the head.  I am glad to be wrong: apparently Burns was not interested in exploring the exciting world of free agency any time soon. 

Whatever they’re paying you, thank you, Mr. Burns.  Decisiveness is a good quality in a hockey player. 

I’m going to stop now before this turns into a live blog of the Burns re-signing.

Shortly afterwards, I did the rounds of the message boards and watched Twitter for a bit, and observed that the message board Sharks fans had all expected Burns to ask for and get more than that.  In contracts, the guys at The Fourth Period and some other publications thought Burns got overpaid.  Very interesting, I thought.

The contracts this one gets compared to most this summer are those of Ehrhoff and Wizniewski, who were both overpaid, survey says.  I’m inclined to agree with the fans that Burns is worth this much easily, he might even develop into a steal.

What’s funny is that I thought up that title before I knew any of this, because that was my gut reaction.  Even if Burns had been paid more than the $5.76M he will get starting in 2012, the fact that he is ready to commit to a lengthy stay with the team is a good sign.  Yes, the Sharks are one of the leaders in the League.  Yes, San Jose is a nice place to live. Yes, the fans are enthusiastic but a player can walk unharassed all over the Bay Area, mostly unrecognized.  These are all good things, and yet the Sharks never made it to the top of the players’ list of most coveted roster spots.

Which still strikes me as a ridiculous oversight on the part of NHL players.  They really should do their homework.


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