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Quite Contrary

I don’t know if I would have noticed Mike Commodore in all the hustle and bustle of a hockey season, had he not been the target of extensive and loud heckling from Sharks fans during a game.  That didn’t make much sense to me.  He wasn’t doing anything especially troublesome (for the Sharks).  He kept taking penalties, which, if you are a Sharks fan and he’s playing on the other team, is more to be applauded than criticized.

Then I heard that he had been sent down and his name appeared in an article about NHL players playing in the AHL, while being paid NHL salaries and how odd that was.  I guess someone must have retweeted one of his tweets or announced him as they do.  It was one of the first tweets I saw from him that caught my curious eye:

I’m sure many a minor-leaguer has gone seatless on the bus, without making public complaints about it.  Yet it didn’t seem like Commodore was whining to me.  I was probably projecting a good deal, but it seemed to me that Commie22’s tweets about the perils of life in the AHL were not so much complaints as sharing his wonder and amusement at his situation.

I say I think I may have projected because it is really hard to fit tone and subtext into a 140 character message.  Maybe it was his old avatar, a photo of Paul Newman in Slapshot.  Or maybe it was the handle.  You just can’t take someone too seriously who calls himself “Commie.”

Over the months I’ve been following him, he has continued to be an amusing and interesting tweeter, dutifully answering questions, without stooping to offensive lows or indecipherable jargon, as some do.

He has some interest in horses, though mainly racing, a sport that doesn’t interest me much.

From others, I put up with the offensive lows for political reasons, my own tiny cat o’ nine tails, and the indecipherable jargon has some appeal even if I never do understand some of it.  But Commie22 doesn’t inflict any of that on his followers.  I suppose his stance on marriage could be offensive to some:

It is perfectly consistent that I would follow Commodore on Twitter, after hearing the people in my section say not nice things to him so loudly, and then learning that he got demoted, waived, and went unclaimed.

It’s a little bit like me hoping everything works out for Dan Carcillo, though when I first noticed him I thought he was a hopeless liability to his team- my team – which should not have endeared him to me at all.  For quite a while I wanted to see no more of him.  It was my own version of heckling a player, wishing them away very hard.  But the more he screwed up the more I felt badly about being angry with him for it, until I found myself wanting him to succeed.  His brief tenure on Twitter was like that too.  Hapless but endearing as haplessness is.

Endearing to contrarians, anyway.

Speaking of hapless:

One name, can you get one name right, of a player actually still  with the Canucks?  I don’t see how anyone can hate this guy, and I might have some trouble maintaining my old hate for Chicago in light of their pick ups this summer.

Endearingly hapless or not, Carcillo makes me appreciate Commodore’s articulate and accurate comments all the more.  I hope the latter’s tenure with the Wings goes more smoothly than his time with the Blue Jackets.  I’m not sure he needs to do a sequel to Notes From the Jungle.

Best of luck to Mr. Commodore, as part of that other team I’m not supposed to like but do anyway.



  1. Stephanie says:

    Yeah, it happens sometimes … Nothing special.

  2. Dee Miesner says:

    Now that is some good writing.

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