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Wellwood gets a contract


I can’t really explain why I am so happy about Kyle Wellwood being signed by the Sharks for this season.  He did help us out last season but I don’t expect him to rescue us this time around. Still, I like what he brings to the team, and it’s always nice when someone signs for less than he might have gotten from someone else.  It shows he has faith in the team.  Sure, it might also show he would rather not move across the country with a new baby but new babies also make people think about money so I’m going to take the decision as good faith.

He didn’t have any choice about joining the team last year, he would have been a little nuts to be too picky who he played for coming back from the KHL mid-season as he did (ahem, Nabby, but I’m glad to hear he’s having fun now.)  By not signing with anyone else, he showed that he really really likes us, or that’s how I take it anyway…

Wait.  He signed with the Jets?  What worthless gossip monger put this misinformation out there?  You know Sharks never ask what it is or where it came from before swallowing it hook, line, and sinker.  That is just plain irresponsible.

Eff me. 

Congrats on the contract, Welly.


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