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All access, all the time. Or else.

So whose idea was it to set up a media access limit for Ilya Bryzgalov?  Was it his idea?  Was it Flyers management?  Was it Jeff Reese?  Does it matter?

What if it isn’t about the media at all, but a way of saying to Bryz “you can’t go out and play with your friends until you do your homework and get an A”?  Now that would be a story.

When Mike Richards was the Flyers captain, at least 25% of what I read was about how difficult he was to interview, especially after a bad game.  The guy clearly is not a stagey sort, needs his space.  Tough.  Being exposed to the media whenever they want you is part of being Captain.  Unless you’ve just been poked in the eye with a sharp stick.  Don’t know why the media didn’t scream about that.  Hey, bleeding faces on scared to death of being blind people make good press.  Maybe they were showing compassion?  Because they can, when given the option? (more…)

A pretty darn good night

Except for the Worcester Sharks losing in a shootout, tonight was a really good night in my hockey universe.   The Sharks eeked out a win, the Flyers obliterated the Hurricanes (good except that Boosh was in net for the Canes), Leighton and the Phantoms won, Roloson got a shutout.  And Heatley scored the only goal in the game between Minny and Detroit. Awesome.

Pickles got a point and continued to look really really good.  Burns had some wobbles, Boyle had one bobble I saw but overall looked pretty good, more himself.  that is pretty ironic since he is apparently a little under the weather.  Maybe that’s proof he thinks too much sometimes.

McGinn got to play again, Ferriero being the odd man out, unless you count being moved to the fourth line a punishment.  Hey, stay on the roster and you’re good, Ginner.  Also, with Desi there too, that fourth line might get really good. (more…)

The winning culture theory

… as long as “winning” is defined as taking enough regular-season games to make the playoffs and to put a sellout amount of butts in the seats, there will be no change.

It could be worse. But those of us who remember the sting of being out of the playoffs for five straight years can see how much better it was and could be, if only the braintrust would accept powering down in the short term in order to build a team with enough picks in the long term which can get that Silver Chalice. -Flyers Faithful

Well that sounds like a straightforward solution: just power down for a bit and do badly enough to get some good draft picks so you can build a really good team. How’s that worked out for the Sens or the Maple Leafs?  It might be working for the Oilers, only I don’t think any of those teams really planned to tank the way they did to get to where they are. (more…)

The trouble with exes

One of the things exes tend to do is show up right when you’re having a nice time with your true love, tell you their troubles and bring you down, because even though it’s over you still feel sad that they feel lousy because there was a reason you liked them to begin with and you hate to see them suffer.  Or maybe they show up and take stuff you thought was yours, showing you how they are happy and moving on with their lives even though you dumped them and they should be feeling miserable and dejected still.

So while the Sharks were battling it out in Boston, cobbling together probably their best game so far (strange assertion, I know, I’ll get to that elsewhere), ex-Shark Nabby was being shot to pieces in Florida and ex-Shark Husky Mister Huskins was spoiling the Flyers game by scoring first, and helping his team beat the Flyers 4-2, with Elliott in goal, just like they did to the Sharks about… no, exactly, a week ago. (more…)

Post Game Goalie chat

Of course part of the chat had to do with Leighton.

It took me a minute to figure out what “it” was.  It’s the all time record for shutouts in the AHL, 45.  I hope he does it too.

But god how frustrating.  Last night after the Sharks game, I had a little Twitter chat (I know, that’s an abuse of Twitter, you’re not supposed to use it like a chat program but wth) about goalies with @DownGoesSpezza and @chrissampang.  We talked about Nabby and Greiss and Nemo and little about Leights too.  It was interesting, and I imagine completely impossible to follow for third parties, because -hello- Twitter isn’t a chat program or a message board.  Oh well. (more…)

Golly G

Canucks @ Flyers, October 12, 2011

Wow isn’t it amazing how Jaromir Jagr is such a team player and can play so well with young Giroux like they’ve been playing together forever.  It’s like one of them has been playing for a really long time with lots of other players and different styles of play and was fucking awesome to begin with.  Flyers watchers have never seen anything like it… it isn’t as if Pronger has been with the team for a couple of years now.


Yes, radical concept to compare one presumptive Hall of Fame nominee to another.

Sigh. (more…)