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Canucks @ Flyers, October 12, 2011

Wow isn’t it amazing how Jaromir Jagr is such a team player and can play so well with young Giroux like they’ve been playing together forever.  It’s like one of them has been playing for a really long time with lots of other players and different styles of play and was fucking awesome to begin with.  Flyers watchers have never seen anything like it… it isn’t as if Pronger has been with the team for a couple of years now.


Yes, radical concept to compare one presumptive Hall of Fame nominee to another.


All that nonsense aside, winning three in a row will be a fair test of this new team.  Not conclusive but fair.  Last season they started off pretty fast and still managed to fall apart as the season went on.  It might be different this season if they lean on players like a healthy Pronger, Timonen and Jagr.  All of them have done the long haul enough to know how to pace themselves and keep the team’s psyche in check.  With Pronger as Captain, they shouldn’t be distracted by stupid shit like Richards feuding with the press or being overwhelmed by the Philly sports machine. Pronger can handle that in his sleep.  Their new goalie can handle it because, it would seem, he really doesn’t give a fuck what the press is saying or whether fans watch, cheer, boo or don’t show up.  He’s been there, done all that.  The dgaf may eventually be a problem in other ways.  That’s what Bob is for.

So, they seem to be fairly well-insulated as far as the noise goes.  Another advantage to having a bunch of old guys on your team: no funny business and the veteran chops to keep others in line too.  Sure, a 20-something can get away with being sick or hung over or a little unprepared now and then.  Old guys can’t do that.  They have given that up long ago.  If they are still playing, you know they are doing it the hard boring way: rest, train, keep your head, do your work.  No other way you keep playing through your 30s.

The team is not having  lot of luck with their power play, now on their 5th of the game which is still in its first period.  Hm.  Methinks someone not on the ice is responsible that.

Oh.  There, Pronger just scored.  On the power play.  He likes to do that.  The Canucks have completely lost it, taking stupid penalties and being run all over the ice by the Flyers.  I wonder how long this can continue.

2-0 Flyers.

The first was a cruel  bounce that makes you think the hockey gods just hate Luongo.  No way Giroux would miss that.  Apparently that was a power play too.  Not sure how G ended up all alone with Luongo like that on a power play.   Were there other players there?  I didn’t notice.

Wait, the Canucks are down bothering Bryzgalov?  Oh, before I can finish that thought, Jagr carries it out. Phew…

I don’t go to Siberia to see just anyone.

Oh. That is how long that can go on: Canucks to the power play thanks to some goofiness from Hartnell and  the Nucks score.

2-1 Flyers.

Which lasts only a few seconds, before JVR takes advantage of some sluggish changing and general chaos from the Canucks.  That’s only JVR’s first of the season?  Shocking, about time, what took you so long…?

3-1 Flyers.

Where has Briere gone?  I put a lot of stock in the astrological compatibility of the Libra line, but that got all busted when Leino left.  I had hoped Briere would still feel at home if they kept him with Hartnell, but they aren’t doing that.  They gave him a couple of new guys.  Simmonds was never suited to 2nd line duty, I don’t care on what team.  He is in the wrong place there.  Voracek?  He’s fine but he’s just a kid.  Hartnell may be having his own meltdown, he may be a loose cannon, so what would it hurt to put him back with Briere?  May settle them both down.

Come on Lavy, just because the team was gutted and is only half re-fitted, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep some of those matched pieces together.

Oh look, the intermission show is talking about whether Osgood should be in the HoF.  I guess even in Canada the audience forgets all about hockey in the offseason and these guys have to do a full review of summer topics here.  And don’t forget the naked Kesler pic.  Well, at least they aren’t talking about Crosby… give them time.

No idea what just happened there.  After the Flyers kill off that penalty, one of the twins scores.  Bryzgalov went down, perhaps trying to grab the puck, but that was ill advised with a Sedin on top of it.

3-2 Flyers.

G stays out for a little extra time to keep Briere company on an offensive rush but it doesn’t quite work.  Sometimes Luongo does actually get in the way.

Aha, seems like the Canucks scoring is what the Flyers need to score back.  The youngster on Briere’s  line scores while the ‘Nucks are chasing Timonen and watching Briere.  I don’t blame them.  Briere is nice-looking.

4-2 Flyers.

Malhotra chases Read back into the Nucks’ zone.  Oh, Manny, how did you fall in with this disreputable crew?

Some back and forth and some sillynuck hauls JVR down.  Sigh.  This is getting ridiculous.  No way Hartnell can make up for all these dumbnuck penalties.  I know he’s trying to be a good host but seriously.

I’m wondering why the Flyers look like they’re on a penalty kill, about 4 mins before the end of the 2nd.  They’re letting the Canucks rove all around their net and the Nucks score.

4-3 Flyers.

I wonder how many times the Flyers can be inspired by a goal against?  Can’t go on forever.  Must nail this team down.  There’s Giroux trying to do something.  Back on defense the Flyers go…

Early in the game, the announcers mentioned how badly the Flyers were doing in faceoffs.  They mentioned that Carter and Richards used to be good at that.  They do not mention the guy who’s been treated like so much unwanted baggage over the last few days.  I’m pretty sure I have heard Blair Betts called a beast in the faceoff circle.  No mention.  Sure, he’s banged up but he may be worth reconditioning since it looks like no one else on this team is able to win a draw to save their lives.  He is, after all, like it or not, still a Flyer.

Instead of watching another painful intermission in Philly, I switch over to the Blue Jackets game.  They are ahead.  They could win their first of the season.  The game is zoomed in so I can’t even see the whole score banner.  I’m sure I’m missing half the game.  Ooops, but I did just see the Avs score on Mason.  Poor Blue Jackets.

Anyway, I suspect that this is an HD broadcast, the only broadcast available of this game, and my old crate of a tv can’t cope with that.  I’m not sure I can bring myself to replace it, I’m so cheap.  It isn’t like I have hockey fan friends who come over to watch games.  No one but me to be ashamed of my inadequate television.


I realize I am getting a little bored with the crusade project.  It isn’t that I don’t enjoy being at a game or watching one with friends.  It’s just that it’s such a pain to chase people down and nag them into going.  I know, folks have so very much to do.  Understand it or not I’m tired of it.  I just want to watch my games.

Ugh, this picture is making me a little woozy. The Jackets look a little wobbly too.  Come on guys, just because the Avs got lucky and picked up an awesome goalie, doesn’t mean they aren’t still the kids they were last year.   A big bruiser of a team like you guys should be able to push them around.

Wait, who plays for the Avs now anyway? No one getting overpaid I think.

Oh, the Jackets get a 2 on 1 against Quincey.  Quincey does ok but hits his goalie pretty hard.  Welcome to the wild west, Varly.

Carter gets a chance and hits what must have been his target: Varlamov’s chest.

The game goes through OT and into a shootout.  Bummer.  I don’t think Carter is taking to his new situation so well as Heatley and Setoguchi are.  Then again, he did have the flu yesterday, I think I heard someone say.  Poor Carts.

Flyers back on the ice.  Ttyl Jackets.

It takes forever to get back to the game since my dvr didn’t save my place. I miss Tivo even after all these years.

While I’m looking, or not looking, the Nucks get a power play and tie the game.


I don’t really mind missing that, so I fast forward through it.

Just in time to see Mesz score in real time.  I love this team all over again.

5-4 Flyers .

Then Rinaldo does something stupid and ill-timed.  Flyers PK.

I realize that both my teams now have Czech and Slovak players.  That is awesome.  Maybe I knew that already.  Sometimes forgetting good stuff is nice so you get to realize it again.

Penalty killed off but the game isn’t so lopsided-looking as it was.  The Canucks have a slight lead on the shot clock.

Jagr takes a stick penalty.  Clearly the Canuck involved grabbed Jagr’s stick under his arm and faked it.  There can be no other explanation.  Flyers kill that off.

Then Voracek to the box.  The Flyers seem to be losing their composure here.  Come on, old guys, pull your team together.

Instead, Pronger takes an interference penalty shoving Edler to the ice.  That is not what I meant by pulling the team together.  I did not mean leave them out there on their own.  They‘ll be on the pk forever!  You’re running out of players!  What the hell is Lavy going to do, throw Jagr on the pk?

That pk ends with a nice clear from Mesz.  He is so wonderful, or maybe he was just in the right place at the right time.  The Flyers will finish the game short-handed because the Canucks have pulled Luongo.

The seconds tick down.  This high-pressure shit is what Flyers fans have to thrive on or be torn apart by it.

As the tv guy says, “not pretty, but the Flyers hang on.”

I hate that my Center Ice broadcast always cuts out before the post game stuff.  Rude.  Apparently the Jackets lost in the shootout.  Not their strong suit.  Yikes.  Oh hell, and Carter with the last chance… poor Carter.

Well, Flyers win, that’s what’s important.  On to Friday, with a couple giant hurdles for me in between.  More on that later, or maybe not.


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