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A pretty darn good night

Except for the Worcester Sharks losing in a shootout, tonight was a really good night in my hockey universe.   The Sharks eeked out a win, the Flyers obliterated the Hurricanes (good except that Boosh was in net for the Canes), Leighton and the Phantoms won, Roloson got a shutout.  And Heatley scored the only goal in the game between Minny and Detroit. Awesome.

Pickles got a point and continued to look really really good.  Burns had some wobbles, Boyle had one bobble I saw but overall looked pretty good, more himself.  that is pretty ironic since he is apparently a little under the weather.  Maybe that’s proof he thinks too much sometimes.

McGinn got to play again, Ferriero being the odd man out, unless you count being moved to the fourth line a punishment.  Hey, stay on the roster and you’re good, Ginner.  Also, with Desi there too, that fourth line might get really good.

The Sharks really didn’t look awfully good tonight but they were handicapped by some fatigue and probably some apathy since it was the Islanders without Nabby.  They got a lucky bounce like payback not only for some bad missed calls in this game but also that fateful pk last May.  Not really a fair trade, but ironic.

The Flyers looked a little flat to start the game… well, really through most of the first two periods, but came out on a mission in the third.  I had hoped the Sharks would do that but the Sharks weren’t coming off a horrifying 9-8 loss to the Jets.  The Flyers definitely had a lot more to prove.

I find that interesting.  On the one hand, the Flyers have a ways to go before they can say they have recovered from those blistering losses to the Habs and the Jets.  Even against the Canes they did not look very tidy.  On the other hand, it’s nice to not be too gloating after beating Boosh like that.  I know that isn’t what was on their minds, but it makes me feel a little better.  True, Boosh’s team let him down but still, it was Boosh.

Pronger met with the media and looks very well, he has bounced back as has the Flyers goalie.  Bryz, as one might expect, benefited mightily from his confession and mea culpa.  I thought that was a little less charming than some might have.  It smacked of egomania.  Sure, he had a bad game but to say it was all his fault really fails to address the whole team failure and the fact that Bob did start the game.  It wasn’t a very team-oriented thing to say.

But it seemed to help.  He was fine, except when Hartnell wiped him out.

Hartnell.  Some are saying anyone could play left wing with Giroux and Jagr.  So, why isn’t JVR doing it anymore?  Hartnell is a funny player, he isn’t a highly skilled guy but I think he does read his linemates pretty well.  He wasn’t just a third wheel with Leino and Briere either.  He compliments the highly skilled guys.  If nothing else, he distracts the opponent, he isn’t lazy.

I may have other thoughts but as wonderful as it was, six hours of hockey has left me a little brain weary.


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