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All access, all the time. Or else.


So whose idea was it to set up a media access limit for Ilya Bryzgalov?  Was it his idea?  Was it Flyers management?  Was it Jeff Reese?  Does it matter?

What if it isn’t about the media at all, but a way of saying to Bryz “you can’t go out and play with your friends until you do your homework and get an A”?  Now that would be a story.

When Mike Richards was the Flyers captain, at least 25% of what I read was about how difficult he was to interview, especially after a bad game.  The guy clearly is not a stagey sort, needs his space.  Tough.  Being exposed to the media whenever they want you is part of being Captain.  Unless you’ve just been poked in the eye with a sharp stick.  Don’t know why the media didn’t scream about that.  Hey, bleeding faces on scared to death of being blind people make good press.  Maybe they were showing compassion?  Because they can, when given the option?

Of course most of them will show compassion, are decent human beings and all that.  But suggest that someone is not benefiting from all access all the time and you’re a crazy power-mad secret-mongering organization with a weak-minded goalie you’re paying too much.

Lots of folks have suggested the Flyers organization does not use the best judgment, they can’t count or read the CBA.  Maybe they can’t.  But does anyone think they didn’t know what would happen as soon as they said they would limit media access to Bryzgalov to game days (and now days before game days)?

Why would they do that?  It isn’t like pulling Seto and Mayers off Twitter after their dust up over the handshake line.  Bryzgalov hasn’t done anything bad in front of the media, aside from losing games.  In fact, he has put on a very good shew.  His quips and observations and jokes and self-criticsm have made people really happy.  Bryzgalov stories write themselves.

Who doesn’t like that?  It’s so much work to come up with a good story.  So why should Bryz be doing that work again?  How is that his job?

Does he have to work so hard?  No.  He could stop putting any thought into interviews at all.  The press could handle that, then bitch about it, and have a whole new story prefabbed by Bryz.

Justin Bourne says Bryzgalov and the Flyers have set Bryz up for more trouble down the line.  If he can’t cope now, he will never be able to.  Something tells me Bryz will put that to rest in his next media scrum, which will be all about how much the media missed him for those 48 hours he wouldn’t talk to them.

Some suggest that 5 minutes with the media shouldn’t take that much out of your day’s energy allotment.  Bull.  There’s the before and the after and the during and the seeing everything you said all over the news which spreads the 5 minutes into a constant hum….  It never ends, there is no time limit on it, even if you do refuse to talk all the time.  The only difference is that someone else is doing the talking.

If Bryzgalov didn’t want some space away from the media and the public, why is he so quiet on Twitter these days?  Did the Flyers put a ban on it without mentioning it?

I’m not a public figure, I don’t want to be a public figure.  THIS is why.  Most people don’t want to deal with the public examination and dissection of their every move expression and decision.  That state of being has never been shown to be conducive to peace of mind, for anyone.

So, again, why would the Flyers make such a dangerous PR move?  Because they are stupid?  Or because they weighed the options, decided they should give their goalie some space and time, because winning was more important than a happy media?

How is what  Bryz says or when he says it important to winning?  Is it because he is so very fragile he can’t handle all the attention?  Or is it possible that, in his unchecked sincerity, he maybe says things that disrupt the rest of the team?  It’s cute that he took all the blame for those awful losses on himself.  It also makes him sound like a megalomaniac with no sense of team responsibility at all.  It’s been a long time since he played for a team capable of winning despite an off day from their goalie.  Have the Flyers turned into the Coyotes of the East?  Sometimes taking all the blame on yourself is sort of insulting to all the other guys who share it.

Did he mean that?  Or did he not have time to think before he spoke?  Does it matter?

No.  The more time and quotes you give the public, the more they want.  Before you know it, the 5 minutes turns into 15, turns into 30… sometimes you have to just say no.

I do not understand the uproar.  He’s a goalie, not POTUS.


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