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Things could be worse, but now the Sharks need to be better

(Originally published at Kukla’s Korner)

Sharks fans thought we had it bad when the Sharks embarrassed themselves and us by losing 3-0 to the Coyotes. That was bad, but it could have been worse. Coyotes do stuff like that all the time, sneak up on you and steal your chickens when you’re not looking. Imagine being a Wings fan and watching the Blues… oh. Right, done that too. Some Wings fans are pretty mad about that. Like, really pissed off. I wonder if Mr. Babcock is also pissed off.

Ok, well, what about Stars fans, however many there are? They have to be pretty angry about a 6-0 loss to the Panthers. Sure, the Panthers are on a streak of road wins but still, it’s the Panthers, and Dallas has forgotten they were doing amazingly well and has started dropping games like pennies in a wishing well. So it could be worse.

Our goalie could get squished like Nabby did yesterday, or like Bob did the day before. Not run over like that failed attempt to decapitate Miller, no, that kind of stuff isn’t likely to catch on out here, not for a while anyway. But squashed? Yep, that happens. Seeing that made me appreciate Niemi all the more. I remember seeing about four players all pile on top of him during a game last season, the first one aiming an elbow down in what had to be very uncomfortable way for Nemo. Still, Nemo wriggled out from under them even before they started getting to their feet and he was just fine. He is very sturdy.

I worry that Greiss might not do as well under so many bodies. Most people wouldn’t.

Or, it could be worse like Minny has it, their last three games costing them a player each.  Yi-eeeek

It could certainly be worse. This is important to keep in mind as the Sharks get ready to play Detroit of the angry fans and pointless stars and humiliating loss to St. Louis yesterday.

It could be worse but now it must be better.

A couple of days ago I bumbled across a sermon someone was giving on the radio, or maybe she was just talking about giving a sermon, or maybe it was a sermon in which she talked about other sermons she gave…. It was essentially “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” But she said it better, with illustrative stories and such. I bought it.

Todd McLellan said that loss to the Yotes was a teachable one. That’s good to hear. The Sharks had a long practice on Monday, used two sheets of ice Tuesday. They were back out there this morning, busy, busy busy. They seem in fairly good spirits, not giddy jovial but cheerful. I’m sure they have a good reason, aside from the usual one that they’re getting paid gobs of money to do something they presumably like doing a lot anyway. There’s that, but maybe they also feel good about their chances of being better next time out.

The thing about saying something nice is that it could be construed as a jinx. There’s at least one cultural tradition that says praise draws the attention of evil spirits, so you should always say negative things if you want to protect the ones you care about.

That makes listing the positives kind of dangerous. I’ll just address things that are less jinx-worthy like how much more consistent the lines are right now. Even the adjustments are consistent: switch Paddy and Couture back and forth to suit the occasion, flip flop White with Vlasic as needed. I’m glad the third line has stayed pretty stable, back to what it was at the very start of the season. With such unlike pieces, time is needed to get the line working as a unit.

Winter has finally arrived in California, the evenings cool and the mornings so nippy I have to wear gloves. One of the ways I’ve found to cope with cold weather is to go somewhere colder. When you come home it feels warm. I’m headed to Vancouver in the morning for a convention, not just to make Nor Cal seem warmer. I hope to be all landed and in the hotel by the time the Sharks game starts. I hope. I assume nothing when it comes to air travel.

I thought it would be easy to squeeze in a Canucks game since I was scheduled to be there for four days, but no, I had to extend the trip by a day to do that. Of course I’ll do it, no idea when I’m likely to be back in Vancouver. But it’s just so like the Canucks to leave town as soon as I get there.  One more reason to not like them.

I think I should go pack.  And find my passport.


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