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This day and age

Chris Pronger won’t be back.  First it was back surgery, then it was an eye injury, then it was a mystery ailment dubbed a virus, which turned out to be post concussion syndrome.

From that comment, I would say it sounds like post post post concussion syndrome, as in the kind players “used” to have when they played through head injuries.  The kind of symptoms that show up a lot later.  The kind of condition that the NFL players were suing the NFL over in 2010.  Some were suing from their death beds. (more…)

Breaking: head injuries are bad

I feel like I’ve been ranting about head injuries from day one.  And again on day 365.  And again on day… call it a pet peeve.  I always come back to the notion that we’re going to have to talk about this, and talk some more, and then discuss it again and have a few more chats and shouting matches until the noise becomes so unbearable that the NHL does something about it just to shut us up.  I want to start this time by saying I believe they have done something, they need to keep it up.

Today I read a piece that begins with the irony that the NHL could put together quite the All Star team made up of players currently out with concussions.  It goes on to say people are getting uncomfortable with all this concussion talk:

“It matters not how concussions are happening – head shots, fights, accidents with sticks and pucks, running into one’s own teammate – they have become an increasingly polarizing issue in today’s hockey. “ -Globe and Mail

Bullshit. It absolutely matters how they are happening. You can see how it matters, once you get over the “oh my god, you mean their BRAINS get damaged? Even Crosby’s? Even young Skinner’s? HOW CAN THAT BE IT IS INTOLLERABLEAAAAAAHHH!” (more…)