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Bruins @ Flyers, me @ airport

That the Flyers and Bruins are tied right now in the third with 5 goals each is proof positive that no matter how much money you throw in the crease, a goalie can’t win on his own and he probably won’t play better just for being paid more.  There was a shit load of salary in those creases.  The difference between the two is that one of them is getting used to letting in so many, the other is just having an off night.

I was at the airport early for a flight that was delayed.  I was twice early.  The first early was because I misread my itinerary.  The flight number was 1145, the departure times not written with colons, so I was fueling up my rental car to turn it in around ten am.  That’s when I checked my voicemail and email and discovered that my 3:45pm flight was cancelled and I’d been reassigned to a 7:40pm flight. I was able to go away and come back early again because the car was still due by three.

I was going to remain calm because I had a hockey game to keep me entertained on my phone that would last almost three hours.  How bad could it be? (more…)

Motown and The Joe

I was surprised that the audience stood for the shootout at the Joe.  I haven’t been to that many arenas but it’s the first time I saw that.  Seemed incongruous, since “real” hockey fans are supposed to hold the shootout in contempt as a sort of circus act that should not determine the outcome of a hockey game.  So much for that theory.

It was welcome.  If you sit through three periods and an overtime, even if you do get up and move around during intermission, standing up for the last few minutes is a good idea.

I like the big painted row numbers on the stairs.  It’s silly to make people read little dainty numbers on seat arms.  Just paint them in big yellow digits on the floor.  It’s cheerful looking too.


Detroit and before that

It is colder here. I think it might be colder here than it was in the Voorhees practice rink, but there is not an aluminum bench in sight, thank god.

They took my car away from me. That’s what valets do, they take your car away just when you’ve gotten to know it a little, have even started nesting as some people do in their cars.  I don’t know where they put it.

Before I talk about Detroit, I should back up a little.  There really isn’t much to say about Detroit yet except that I did find my way from the airport without crashing while driving and tweeting and emailing and texting… As if to reward me for this accomplishment, when I arrived, they gave me a cookie.  I would share a picture of said cookie but I ate it. (more…)

All 4-1, 1-4 all, again, but not the same

@petshark47: All right. Over *that* game. Next: Go #SJSharks.

Okay, I lied.  I am so not over that game.  Nabby is perfectly capable of winning a game, he didn’t need the Flyers to let him win.  I guess the blowout on Tuesday was too much for the Flyers to stomach.

Positives: Nabby looked so cocky and casual out there.  I swear he could have polished his boots between saves.  He got lucky a few times but not 40 times.  That’s how many saves he made.  Sure, the Flyers couldn’t screen him to save their lives, couldn’t seem to control the puck without all men on boards. If you let Nabby see it, he will usually stop it, and the more he stops the more he will stop. 




Apology to Mrs O

Before I even finished writing the previous post, I realized that I should go see something, at least the Liberty Bell since I had seen the Moscow bell which they bragged was so much bigger than ours.  It certainly was, on a scale that makes me wonder if it ever really worked as a bell, and how many people may have died in its manufacture.  Like the pyramids.  Big as a small hut, the Moscow bell was.

So I put on my pointy heeled shoes which are usually comfy to walk in for the first three hours you’re on your feet but after that… I put them on and marched myself east about ten blocks and all through the Independence Hall buildings and museum, and even managed to find and go see the Liberty Bell.  I felt rather clever, being without a complete map.  Deep down, I must not like complete maps.


Philadelphia (and a little bit of New Jersey)

This trip started Monday with me hitting the snooze button on my Droid, three or four times, before I dragged myself off the couch where I had curled up under a blanket for a little nap before my three am departure time. Those five minute snoozes between 2:30 and 3 am felt surprisingly luxurious.

I did manage to be headed in the right direction by 3:30 am.  I had to return the DVD first.  Yes, I rented a DVD. For my next trick I will spin wool into yarn and make a sweater.

Being up at that hour was like arriving early to the eastern time zone. All the Easterners were waking up (or would be soon), why shouldn’t I be up too? Added bonus: since I had not really slept the night before, I was primed to adapt by crashing asleep as soon as I arrived in Philly.