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Motown and The Joe

I was surprised that the audience stood for the shootout at the Joe.  I haven’t been to that many arenas but it’s the first time I saw that.  Seemed incongruous, since “real” hockey fans are supposed to hold the shootout in contempt as a sort of circus act that should not determine the outcome of a hockey game.  So much for that theory.

It was welcome.  If you sit through three periods and an overtime, even if you do get up and move around during intermission, standing up for the last few minutes is a good idea.

I like the big painted row numbers on the stairs.  It’s silly to make people read little dainty numbers on seat arms.  Just paint them in big yellow digits on the floor.  It’s cheerful looking too.

I was so glad the Red Wings won.  Carter was out so even my soft spot for underdogs couldn’t make me want the Blue Jackets to win.  They lost, again by one goal.  The media gave Curtis Sanford the third star.  He deserved it, he had to stop a lot of shots to keep them in that game.

I was stunned by the ejection of Zetterberg from the game.  It was an awful wreck that sent Nikitin to the locker room on one leg, but it didn’t look like Zetterberg did it.  They don’t do penalty replays on the board there, so I couldn’t see it again but I swore I saw Nikitin going down on his own, and Zetterberg sort of slid into him.  I could have missed something.

One of things I told worried concerned parties I would not do in Detroit is walk around alone at night.   I was sincere when I made that promise.

In all my rushing around today to make a proper visit of the city today, I never got around to going to see where the Joe Louis Arena was, so when the time came to go find it, I was outside about to get my car when I saw some people in Red Wings jerseys walking by.  I decided to follow them instead of take the car.

Today’s lesson: when Expedia says your hotel is .3 miles away from something, they really do mean it is less than half a mile away.  In Downtown Detroit that is about four? Five blocks?  Not far at all.  Like a five to seven minute walk.  Really it would be an affront to all things good and ecologically responsible to drive your car that distance unless it was in driving sleet or 20 below, which it was not, here, tonight.

Because I am prone to doing things spontaneously, it didn’t occur to me until later that if I followed those cheerful, drunk, red-clad folk, and engaged them in conversation as you should do when tagging along, I might not remember how to get back.  So that gave me some anxiety during the first period, before I went outside during intermission and realized that even I could recognize landmarks that would guide me home.

Thank goodness the Red Wings won.  I got to see Mike Commodore play his old team.  He was sort of very nearby when the first CBJ goal was scored, but I am sure there was absolutely nothing he could have done about that… which opinion is probably worth very little.

You may not think that outhouses are suitable facilities for a public venue like the Joe Louis Arena, especially when it’s cold enough to chap your tush if you expose it to the elements.  I think they are an awesome idea.  Just like the guy selling beer to the smokers in Philly, here we had toilets for the smokers, and they were badly needed.  The lines were very long indoors.

I got my scarf.  I was disappointed that it had so much black in it, but it is a nice quality scarf and kept my neck warm on the walk home– an entirely uneventful walk home.  I didn’t even slip in the snow.

This morning I drove to the Motown Museum.  I did not know what to expect, but I did have a chance to tour around some back streets in the area, unplowed streets, and made a u-turn which was surprisingly slidey-sideways but not alarming.  It was a sensation I haven’t had in a while.  Anyway, I had some sat nav issues which led me astray.

When I did finally get parked in front of the museum and inside, I was lucky to arrive right at the beginning of a tour.  It was a lot of fun and fortunately the part where I discovered I could not sing and clap at the same time was at the end so it did not ruin the experience for me.  Wow was that a cold splash in the face with how-lame-can-I-be-embarassing.

I recommend the tour, but be warned, your multitasking and coordination skills will be tested at the end.  The tour itself was very well done.  They have some very good guides.

After that I went to Hockey Town Cafe.  It is conveniently next to the Fox theater, so if seeing that is on your list of things to do, you can do both.  I also tried to get into a church, because it looked old and was there, but it was locked.  I guess the Episcopalians don’t have the same open door policy the Catholics do?  Oh well.  It was pretty from the outside.

After that I took a stroll through the Auto Show which is a very big deal.  I don’t quite get it, I don’t have much of an eye for cars but it was good to check out, since it is a very big deal.  I saw some pretty cars and some odd cars and I have absolutely no idea what any of them would cost.   Here was my favorite, though I don’t think it qualifies as a car:


Well, maybe it isn’t my favorite exactly, just the most memorable.  I would never own the thing, it looks like it would trip.

The Sharks lost again.  What are we going to do with them?  I know, it was the Canucks, but if they can’t beat the Canucks… well, they have to beat the Canucks more.  A lot more.

Pavelski in a fight?  What in the hell was that?  This is too ridiculous.

I don’t understand what happened.  They were tied when I left to go to the game, but like fractious colts they got all tangled up, started fighting and tried to hang themselves as soon as I looked away.

What are we going to do with them?


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