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Bruins @ Flyers, me @ airport


That the Flyers and Bruins are tied right now in the third with 5 goals each is proof positive that no matter how much money you throw in the crease, a goalie can’t win on his own and he probably won’t play better just for being paid more.  There was a shit load of salary in those creases.  The difference between the two is that one of them is getting used to letting in so many, the other is just having an off night.

I was at the airport early for a flight that was delayed.  I was twice early.  The first early was because I misread my itinerary.  The flight number was 1145, the departure times not written with colons, so I was fueling up my rental car to turn it in around ten am.  That’s when I checked my voicemail and email and discovered that my 3:45pm flight was cancelled and I’d been reassigned to a 7:40pm flight. I was able to go away and come back early again because the car was still due by three.

I was going to remain calm because I had a hockey game to keep me entertained on my phone that would last almost three hours.  How bad could it be?

Hartnell’s hat trick leaves me fairly speechless.  Can’t think of anything beyond “mwah! mwah!”  He’s a funny guy.  For someone who gets into a lot of scuffles, he doesn’t really seem hot-headed.  I guess he should be, he’s an Aries, isn’t he?  But they’re not crazy hot-headed, just a little prone to spark.

The flight has now been pushed back about 40 minutes.  Who knows when I’ll get out of here.  May have to spend the night.

Because of the delay, I was able to go visit The Henry Ford, aka the Ford Museum.  That was fun.  The replica teenage girl room from 1987 was kind of eerie, but I never had a pink phone.

Got to the airport in time to start following the Flyers’ game.  Missed most of the 1st period, listened to much of it.  Then missed quite a bit of the 2nd trying to get a good connection on the phone.  Then there was security.  That interrupted my viewing.  All settled now in the Online Cafe at the Detroit Metro Airport.

I’ve started to come unglued because I couldn’t get a waitress to give me the wireless code for about seven minutes.   A lot can happen in a seven minutes during a hockey game.  A very large beer settled me down.

The Flyers playing the Bruins is not unlike the Sharks playing the Canucks.  The Sharks are missing Clowe and perhaps Wingels but the Flyers really have them beat in the handicap area: missing Briere now as well as Jagr.  And still they have scored 5 goals against Tim Thomas and the yeller bears.  Pretty frikkin awesome.

As if overwhelmed by the tying goal in this game, Twitter crashed.  Can’t get in.  I find this aggravating.

So who scored those Flyers goals?  Talbot, Hartnell, Hartnell, Hartnell and Talbot.  The youngsters are doing well but I guess today is all vets.

Wow, one of these goalies is going to have to let in another goal, that will be six at least.  Wow, wow, wow.

I didn’t realize the Flyers and the Canucks were the only team in the NHL this season not to have a losing streak longer than 2 games.  That is pretty impressive.

The game went to OT, then a shootout.  I knew the Flyers were not great in the shooting part of the shootout but holy crap I didn’t expect Bryz to be so awful.  That was so depressing, it snuffed all the good out of the game and set me up to be very bitchy about the flight being pushed back another hour.

Once we were all on board, we sat.  And we sat.  We sat for two hours.  I was contemplating what sort of gift Delta would give us for being so patient with their mess.  And we sat.  I heard people nearby talking about the free booze we would surely be rewarded with for being so patient.  We sat.  Finally the pilot came on the pa system and told us we were waiting for catering to do their job.  We sat.  The pilot came back on to say the Niners were winning and the catering still was not sorted out.  He sounded a little pissed now.  We sat.  We sat and sat and sat until the pilot announced again that the Niners were still winning and we sat more.

We were still sitting when a woman near the back of the plane shouted that New York was winning.  The pilot did not announce this.  We sat.

We finally took off, without, it turns out, any booze or food at all.  So, no free booze.  No food.  Near the end of the flight, one of the attendants announced that we should all visit Delta.com to give “our side of the story” to the airline.  Our side of the story?  It’s pretty simple: we sat, we had no booze and what in the hell do we have to explain ourselves for?

Not even an airline voucher or Starbucks gift card.  Awesome job, Delta.  When we finally got to SFO, there was no one in sight.  the airport, after delaying flights all over the country because SF still can’t cope with fog or rain, packed up and went home.  I could have run off with many suitcases not my own, smoked in the terminal, danced on the security screening machines.  Not a soul in sight but one guy cleaning the carpets.  Lovely.

Way to go, San Francisco.  Apparently dropping the ball is a point of pride in SF.

After some sleep and reflection, I can appreciate that it was an impressive performance by the banged-up Flyers and I was very glad to finally see Philly and Detroit, especially their much better than SFO airports.

All in all, a very good trip.


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