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The Magic 8 Ball tells all

I asked the Magic 8 Ball about the San Jose Sharks and Rick Nash.  This is what it told me, slightly reformatted to fit here:

The Black Knight lost

Who doesn’t admire Monty Python’s Black Knight? That never-say-die, I-won’t-lie-down, no-quit-all-go attitude is something a hockey team needs to get the job done.  The thing is, the Black Knight did lose the fight.  He had all his limbs cut off, and–I don’t remember– did Arthur finally cut off his head, or just leave him there screaming at the Fates and all comers?  Anyway, he lost, because he ran out of resources to fight with.  But he was still valiant.

So I’m not at all disappointed with the Flyers this season, even less so with their performance in Detroit.  Maybe I’m star-struck, maybe I think too highly of the Red Wings, but consider who scored for the Wings tonight: Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Franzen, some guy named Kronwall, with help from Lidstrom and that guy Zetterberg again.  Wow.  He must be pretty good, that Zetterberg.

Zetterberg made me think of the Road Runner once.   It was a playoff series against Phoenix, and he left several Coyotes sliding down the glass after they tried to hit him.  “Eyes in the back of his head” I thought.  And Holmstrom? His extra eyes are somewhere else, even more unusual and very useful for screening a goalie.  Sometimes Bertuzzi borrows them. (more…)

A Typhoid Mary kind of day

I have a cold or sinusitis or a persistent allergy turned into something… I don’t know.  I have the sniffles and sneezes and cough.  Yesterday morning I felt a lot better and decided I could drag myself to Sharks practice and then the press conference for Owen Nolan’s retirement announcement.  I have been so wanting to go to a Sharks press conference.  I am such a geek, I love the rows of chairs and little stage and everyone in their places.  It reminds me of school.  It would have been perfect if in fact I were as healthy as I thought I was, and not all fuzzy-headed from cold meds.

I wonder what it’s like, doing one thing professionally for so many years, working from the time you’re a child until you’re too old to do it anymore, working at the same thing.  They say that retiring can kill a man.  I think they mean men of advanced age, not someone under 50.  Evidently women don’t tend to die from big life changes.  But it’s still a shock, change always is.