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Penguins @ Flyers @ Mom’s

I was watching the Flyers LOSE to the Penguins, it was about half way through the second period, I was getting sleepy the way I do when my team is playing badly.  I was half asleep when the phone rang.  It was my mother.  She said “I’m watching this game between Pittsburgh and the Flyers and I think I have to back the Pittsburgh team because the Flyers are beating up on them.  The Flyers are bullies.”

There are many things wrong with that statement, but the most important thing about it is I was not in the house with my mother.  No, she had turned on a hockey game all by her lonesome.  Well, I guess my Dad was around somewhere fiddling with his Blackberry but Mom had made the decision, exercised her free will, to watch a hockey game.


New day, new dream

I was in some sort of a craft, space or other, something mobile, with a very large lagoon inside it.  I had to cross that lagoon to get to the kitchen where I was trying to make some kind of drink or milkshake.  Scott Hartnell was there, we were discussing which injured persons should swim in the lagoon for therapy.  There was some kind of violent conflict going on outside, I don’t know over what.  The explosions and sound of gunfire did not lessen the importance of making something to drink and having people over to swim.

A little affirmation

“I think that the way he’s practicing right now, the way he’s dialing in for practices and games, and his focus really leads to his performance. Obviously he’s got ability and talent to do what he does, but right now he’s getting in a little bit of a zone where he knows he’s gonna be starting, he goes in there, he does his job,” Laviolette said. -Sean Gentille, Sporting News

Hah. Some fans, according to Tim Panaccio, were commenting on how Bryzgalov was letting a lot of shots in at practice in SJ.  I don’t know where he was sitting or what fans he was listening to but I knew Bryz looked better at practice in SJ than when I saw him in Voorhees in January.  He had a bounce in his step, he looked jaunty.  Reminded me of Bob.  I am learning.

Patting myself on the back.

What a word can do

Apparently the Flyers sat their showboat goalie down and had a chat with him.  This chat was preceded by more subtle cues like ignoring and avoiding him.  It doesn’t sound like he was getting the message so they put it plainly for him.

That link won’t tell you what they said, because they didn’t repeat it.  I love that Briere took the press lead on this.  I guess it’s possible Briere just blabbed about it first.  Libras are so chatty.  But I can imagine him leading the intervention too.  (more…)