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Who cares about concussions in the NHL? Who should?

We should all care about head injuries, as we should care about cancer and broken necks and environmental destruction, and so many things that can make a pessimist’s assessment of life a real drag.  That’s what the serenity prayer is for.  There are a lot of things we can change, but we may need more than courage to do it.

Yesterday I read this post about the lack of passionate, immediate media response to Marc-Andre Bourdon’s confession that he hid a concussion from his team back in February:

I think the fact that we didn’t mention it just goes to show how awful the NHL’s concussion culture is right now, which was the basis of Lambert’s post back on April 13. I read probably 95 percent of the Flyers stories written, as does Geoff, and when I read Seravalli’s original story, you know what my reaction was?

Oh, okay. That sounds about right. *close story, move on with the day*  -Broad Street Hockey

Is it possible that Bourdon’s admission came too close to Van Riemsdyk’s?  I can’t even remember when JVR fessed up to that or when it happened.  I’m as guilty of blocking things out as anyone.  I know the Toews revelation came much later.  Was Bourdon’s case less visible because, by then, it was technically an AHL story?  Whatever, I don’t think people care that little, they’re just at an impasse.  I haven’t written much on the subject for a while, but I can tell you that when that story popped up on my radar I did kind of flip out.  That’s me.  I’m a worry-wort and a rookie. (more…)

Jagr in English

In times like these, I turn to my own Pavlov’s bell.

Everything is going to be just fine.

I was a little disappointed to see this yesterday:


Gotta right something here

Two losses in a row. Really, Flyers?  Oh pony pucks, what did I expect, with Grossmann concussed, Bourdon concussed,  JVR playing with a barely healed foot, Couturier getting his brains rattled every game by Malkin… what did I expect?  Can they pull off another win at all?  With predictably questionable calls and non-calls, the fourth game will indeed be the toughest one to win.

Speaking of elimination games, yesterday’s ousting of the Red Wings by Nashville made me sad.  Babcock’s post-gamer made me more sad, with him conceding that Nashville had more depth than Detroit did.  That has to fuel the talk about Holmstrom and/or Lidstrom retiring.  It isn’t that Detroit could find better, but they could be replaced by more and younger bodies.  Is it time?  So melancholy. (more…)


Roenick said the players need to show more respect, not do recklessly brutal things to each other.  These guys talk about how respected enforcers are:

Hm.  Enforcers are highly respected?  How do we show that respect?  They don’t get paid much on the NHL scale.  Most of them go from one short contract to another.  They are expected to go ask for head injuries.  Is it respectful to think twice about taunting them or poking them in the eye?  Is that respect or fear?

I know the players have some regard for the guys who have to do the dirty jobs.  Not only do they not want to do it themselves but basic human compassion will make you feel warmly toward the guy who does that job.  But I’m not sure respect is the right word.  In too many ways, these guys are treated with blatant disregard for their well-being.  That sounds like disrespect to me.


It just dawned on me that the term “blowout” for a 10-3 loss is just like a car tire exploding at high speed.  The term doesn’t refer to the winner but to the loser.

That is really all I have to say about tonight’s Flyers loss to the Pens in Game 4 ofthe 2012 ECWF.

That, and I would not be the least surprised to see Leighton as backup on Friday.  Jumping in to a losing cause isn’t Bob’s forte. No idea if Bryz is any good at it.

Too late to fight

WHAT IN THE #$&@#!&% PIG DOG HELL, SHANNY?  Sunday’s Penguins @ Flyers game was the icing on a complete melt down of a first round.  It doesn’t matter if the ridiculous leniency on Shea Weber made NHL players think they can get away with anything, or if it only let them know there’s a tiny window here– short as a weekend– to shorten the opponent’s bench.  It doesn’t matter why they have all lost their minds or their common sense.  Things are out of control and someone has to tie these playoffs down right now.

That said, I love these Flyers.  They worked around all that crap and won anyway.  Take the lead, take their heads, they still get up and keep fighting.  By fighting I mean winning the game.  Also pretty charming was Hartnell waiting patiently to see which Penguin actually wanted to fight him instead of just tugging on his shirt or jumping him from behind.

I did not think I would like this group so much, but this never say die we’re gonna do this our way no matter what you say makes me crazy and I am completely taken with them. 


Trench warfare: Flyers @ Penguins, Game 1

April 11, 2012

From SBNation

“You can’t do that in the playoffs,” they said, of the Flyers’ tendency to fall behind by 2 or more goals, then win anyway.

One down.

Down by two, we groan but don’t despair.  Down by three?  Do that and you’ve got Flyers fans puking up their nice dinners.  What is this, a game of chicken?   Let’s hope that trick has run its course and the Flyers will not need to dig themselves into a hole before winning the next game.

The new Flyers remind me a lot of the old 2010 Flyers, throwing bodies under tanks and hoping some unheralded rookie will get through the lines.  It is admirable as hell but a very wasteful strategy.  I love them, I wish they wouldn’t do that. (more…)