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Trench warfare: Flyers @ Penguins, Game 1

April 11, 2012

From SBNation

“You can’t do that in the playoffs,” they said, of the Flyers’ tendency to fall behind by 2 or more goals, then win anyway.

One down.

Down by two, we groan but don’t despair.  Down by three?  Do that and you’ve got Flyers fans puking up their nice dinners.  What is this, a game of chicken?   Let’s hope that trick has run its course and the Flyers will not need to dig themselves into a hole before winning the next game.

The new Flyers remind me a lot of the old 2010 Flyers, throwing bodies under tanks and hoping some unheralded rookie will get through the lines.  It is admirable as hell but a very wasteful strategy.  I love them, I wish they wouldn’t do that.

I feel like the most worthless fan there is of my poor Flyers.  I have written next to nothing about them this season, I’ve been so wrapped up in trying to find something, anything at all to say about the Sharks on a regular basis.  I haven’t even been paying close enough attention to Flyers games to know that Pavel Kubina is not as good as I thought he was, so much so that he was a “healthy scratch” from the first playoff game.

I admit, I did not watch all 82 Flyers games this season.  Some I only listened to via audio webcast.  They had to play so very many early morning games, it was hard to be near a tv for all of them.  During some of those games I was even half-distracted trying to watch Sharks practice.  I don’t know why I do that, really, I hardly ever wind up writing anything about practice.  I see it as an independent study of professional hockey, but that’s a hard sell to most people.  Anyway….

Probably Kubina is less than perfectly healthy.  Now Bourdon is also out.  After reading about how he played through a concussion in February, that is completely horrifying.  I hope Kubina is not in the same situation.  He did, after all, get beaten about the head while prone on the ice by that awful Cap.  I do not trust the Sharks to tell me really how healthy the players are, but I suspect the Sharks are in better shape by a long shot than the Flyers are right now.

That makes yesterday’s win more precious.  It seems like the Flyers’ only hope would be to finish this series in the right way very quickly.  They need more recovery time.  That is a very tall order.  The Pens are formidable, even if they are also arrogant and horrible in so many ways.  I think they should lose.  That would be the best thing for Crosby.  He should retire for his health and if they keep winning he will be encouraged to keep playing.  So it would be best for everyone’s health if the Penguins lose this series and quickly.

I was so glad to see that other people have symptoms similar to mine during playoff games:

I know that this is a sign of poor mental health, this unrestrained emotional engagement with events far away, played out by people I do not know.  Still, I feel better knowing we are many, we empathic mediums of psycho-somatic pre-game stress.  I wonder, does that amplify it or reduce it somewhat for the players?  Maybe if we fans can suck all the nausea-inducing anxiety out of the atmosphere, there will be less for the players to feel.  We can hope.

Go Flyers!


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