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Roenick said the players need to show more respect, not do recklessly brutal things to each other.  These guys talk about how respected enforcers are:

Hm.  Enforcers are highly respected?  How do we show that respect?  They don’t get paid much on the NHL scale.  Most of them go from one short contract to another.  They are expected to go ask for head injuries.  Is it respectful to think twice about taunting them or poking them in the eye?  Is that respect or fear?

I know the players have some regard for the guys who have to do the dirty jobs.  Not only do they not want to do it themselves but basic human compassion will make you feel warmly toward the guy who does that job.  But I’m not sure respect is the right word.  In too many ways, these guys are treated with blatant disregard for their well-being.  That sounds like disrespect to me.


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