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Gotta right something here

Two losses in a row. Really, Flyers?  Oh pony pucks, what did I expect, with Grossmann concussed, Bourdon concussed,  JVR playing with a barely healed foot, Couturier getting his brains rattled every game by Malkin… what did I expect?  Can they pull off another win at all?  With predictably questionable calls and non-calls, the fourth game will indeed be the toughest one to win.

Speaking of elimination games, yesterday’s ousting of the Red Wings by Nashville made me sad.  Babcock’s post-gamer made me more sad, with him conceding that Nashville had more depth than Detroit did.  That has to fuel the talk about Holmstrom and/or Lidstrom retiring.  It isn’t that Detroit could find better, but they could be replaced by more and younger bodies.  Is it time?  So melancholy.

Indeed, Nashville is a very good team, it is no humiliation to be beaten by them.  Which makes me glad Shea Weber is not on any of my teams.  Not only did he want to get out of there, but he pulled that shit on Zetterberg.  I mean if I can tell he has a good team it must be a damn good one, and he must be one arrogant jerk to think he can do better.

Bryzgalov.  Me oh my oh me.  He avoided questions about injury.  He has been erratic.  The defense in front of him has been sketchy too, but he doesn’t seem to bounce back very well, even from goals he really could not have stopped.

It is so backwards that people are still calling him Mr. Universe, when his comment about the universe was precisely the opposite of self-aggrandizement.   His point was that he is miniscule, as we all are, in the grand scheme of things.  I know it was presumptuous for him to talk to the cameras when HBO asked him to.  And to try and say something that might be interesting!  The unforgivable hubris!  I guess I’m as eccentric as he is because honestly I didn’t think anything he has ever said sounded odd, wrong, or crazy.  I thought the trivia about hunting tigers in China was pretty interesting too, what kind of a strange world is he living in that people would think it’s a wrong topic of conversation?

Oh yeah, this one.  I would get that crap all the time, bringing up random factoids in the workplace, whether it was about history or literature or horses or whatever trivia I had stockpiled in my brain.  Geez, sorry people, but I absorb information, I think it’s fun to learn stuff.  Please, tell me more about the shoes you found on sale yesterday or the fish you are going to cook tonight or the hot person you oggled this morning.  I mean, I can’t get enough of that.

I guess I should be a more vocal fan of Bryz.  He’s a fellow weirdo, I feel his pain.  I guess we’re both like that guy on Bones, the intern who spouts random data in times of stress.  But I don’t only do it in times of stress.  I actually have fun collecting and redistributing information.  I think Bryz probably does too.  It may well be an attempt to deflect the topic of conversation away from ourselves or things we don’t have anything to say about, but it isn’t like a panic attack. Part of it is me trying not to talk shit about people, choosing instead to share impersonal information.  I know, that’s weird.

It is too unfair that the Flyers have to play the next game at noon.  It is too horrible.  But they did finally break that curse once, didn’t they?  I think Game 3 was an afternoon game.  Not noon but before 7 anyway.  Oh dear.  This is not going the way I had hoped.

Meszaros is still three weeks away.  I think he had back surgery.  It is so hard to keep all the injuries straight, especially since I do not like to keep upsetting data in my brain.

Grossmann skated this morning, which could mean he feels better or they just want to see how he feels.  What a marvelous surprise he has been.  Of course I didn’t notice him as a Star, since enemies all look alike.  How awful to have him banged up after jumping in and carrying so much for the Flyers.  Awful.

I can’t expect Bourdon back.  Not to blame the victim but after paying through his February concussion he is very unlikely to recover from this new one any time soon.  I don’t think Kubina is fully recovered.  And those are just the known blue line injuries.  The team has been pretty quiet about their forwards.

Which makes me think either the forwards have been out of this world lucky, or the defensemen are really horribly injured.  To let it out that they have concussions during playoffs, that is unusual.  To keep them out of the game… I don’t know if the Flyers would be that cautious.  So I fear the worst, that the ones not playing are very badly off and the ones who are playing probably should not be.

I think I just talked myself into thinking that a Penguins comeback would not be the worst possible thing for the Flyers, not in the long run.  For me it would be pretty depressing.  The summer would be way too long.


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