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Blog poll #1: what is a blog?

One of the first things I asked myself when I started writing a blog was “What is a blog?”  I have since formed my own opinion on that, but that opinion is based entirely on my own preferences and information needs.  I never got a really solid answer to the question from an objective viewpoint.  The most common answer is “whatever you want it to be!”  That’s a fun and empowering notion but it hardly fits with the ongoing debate about the blog’s place in the information universe.

So long as the words “blog” and “blogger” keep popping up like they have a universally recognized value,  I want to ask again: what do they mean?  I know that my little poll will still lack objectivity.  That doesn’t bug me.  The only opinions I really care about anyway are those in my little corner of the web.  Okay, that’s not entirely true.  If someone gave me the book of Blog Rules and Regulations I would gladly read it.  Until then, this is a good starting point.

So here goes.  I’ve never put a poll up on this blog before, so I absolutely expect it to break on first use.  I get what I pay for.

I’ll publish one question per day for a total of four questions.  Since the “other” option comes with a very limited space for answers, feel free to use the comment section if you like.  In this first poll, you can make up to two selections.  Even if you like more than two answers, chose the ones that most closely reflect your opinion.  Thank you in advance for participating.



  1. AJ Goodman says:

    I really was hoping that you had an answer to this question .. for I too don’t know what blogs are or why are they here !

  2. Scum says:

    Well Petshark, to answer your question, I’ve always felt that a blog was a weblog. An open diary. Another means to share with the world, what a person has on the inside.

    It’s an odd exercise when I stop to really think about it. Yet, it’s a way to communicate with potentially millions of people all over the world, and that is inspiring – until one reads the comment section and realizes that
    a) your readers are morons
    b) no one cares what you think

    So it can be disappointing, n’est-ce pas?

    Ultimately, I believe writers write for the same reasons painters paint. Because there is a need to do so. Not because they crave positive feedback. Therefore, dearest Petshark, please continue sharing your heart with a generally heartless world, and never forget that there are, allegedly, a few out there that really care.
    And if you find them, let me know.

    I enjoy reading your posts, should you wonder.

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