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Burn Baby Burn

Replacement players?  Really?  This lockout is already out of control.  Using replacement players is such a preposterous idea that I can’t believe even Bettman’s gang would try it.  You don’t go out and hire replacements during a lockout, that’s a tactic to use against strikes.  The NHLPA already said they would play without a new deal, though the old deal did serve them better than any new one is likely to.  Trying to use replacement players is laughable.

@SpectorsHockey: All due respect to @RealBillWatters, but I don’t believe the #NHL will go the replacement players route. Won’t break PA, fans won’t buy it.

Hard-core fans won’t buy it, but there are some potential ticket-buyers who might not notice.  That’s sort of funny.  Less funny is how entrenched this lockout already seems.  More and more sound like they believe a full season will be lost.

I can do this.  There will be ECHL hockey.  If I can’t cope with all the fights, I can follow college hockey.  The SRJC Polar Bears are playing.  I can go watch them, there’s usually some standing room available.  And there’s news from games in Europe and Russia and there’s the AHL games which will not be happening anywhere remotely in the vicinity of me.  But I can hear about players playing for other teams than the Sharks and having a whole lot more fun than hockey fans out here will be having.

@RobRossi_Trib: “No exaggeration to suggest #NHL #NHLPA folks I’ve heard from this weekend feel worse than at any other point during #CBA talks or #lockout”

Good.  Join the club.

Wilson and all the coaches are off to Worcester.  Must be nice.  One League goes kaplooey and you just go watch your other team in another league.   Suddenly, all those reasons for not moving AHL teams West smell like a load of horse poop.

I can do this.  There’s other stuff to do.   I don’t need hockey half so much as I thought I did.  I can do this.

I listened to the Polar Bears play a game in Colorado.   They lost but they came back from a 4 goal deficit to almost not lose.  That was exciting.  That made me mad again about the lockout.

The Sharks should be playing exciting games.

Or getting ready to.

Instead, the trickle of NHL players signing in Europe seems to be running faster.  Why is Chara going to Prague?  Shouldn’t he be playing for a Slovak team?  Whatev.  Jagr’s team is running riot through the Czech league.  That seems unfair but also fun to hear about.  If Giroux signed there it would be enough to make other Czech teams weep.

Jason Demers is making his mark in Finland, though reading the article via Google Translate is next to impossible.  Suffice to say it sounds like he’s a big hit.  Good for Demers.

I watched an episode of the NHL Classic Series, the Flyers-Bruins series from 2010.  That made me remember I’m happy that Gagne has his name on The Cup, made me wonder what Holmgren was thinking and isn’t it nice they did sign Leighton again and OMFG WHOSE BASS-ACKWARDS  IMBECILIC IDEA WAS THIS LOCKOUT?????

The whole thing reminds me of Disco Inferno.  There’s this infectious energy behind it, it seems like a good place to go but really what are they talking about?  All that burning, self-destructive mania.  It just can’t be good for anyone.  In the extended version, he says he isn’t talking about burning a building down but really, is it so much better to demolish your soul by fire?

Both sides deserve a solid elbow to the face for letting this happen, for sitting on their hands all these months they knew about these negotiations.  It was all fine and dandy for Fehr to want to consult with all the players before putting together an offer.  He ever hear of email?  Video chat?  An effing Google Meeting?  How about conference calls?  Didn’t want to disturb the players during the season?  What are they, single-celled organisms?  They can’t talk and play hockey at the same time?


@RenLavoieRDS: “Gary Bettman and Don Fehr did not talk today. Nothing schedule for Monday. Tuesday possible.”

It’s Tuesday now.

David Pollak brought attention to a New York Times article about labor agreements in sports and how talent has more leverage than the average labor group.  It’s a good argument, an interesting subject and it doesn’t change this lack of NHL hockey.  More fuel for the fire.

@TGfireandice: NHL-NHLPA meeting is done. Waiting for comment from both sides.

It’s 9 am Pacific Time.  So that’s noon CBA meeting time.  That can’t be good.

This seething is upsetting my stomach.  If it keeps up, I might not mind watching ECHL games after all.  I might be perfectly okay with players kicking each other in the midsection.

No.  I don’t want to see that again.  Please don’t do that, ECHL players.  It is very bad.

@SpectorsHockey: “#NHL could push start of season to late October if need be, but after that, it’ll probably be too tight to get in full schedule. #NHLCBA”

Really?  I don’t see why.  To my mind, they have until early-mid October of 2013 to get those games played. #takeyourmedicineson

@ChrisBottaNHL: Bill Daly: “No progress to report. No progress was made.”

Of course not.  Burn that mama down, right?   “I couldn’t get enough, so I had to self-destruct.”  Something like that.  If they could put it all to a catchy tune I might have more sympathy for the parties.

The worst part is this: when the NHL does decide to come back, knocks on the door with a sheepish smile, I won’t hit it in the head with a shovel.  No, as one of those hopeless cases they don’t have to worry about, the tenacious terminally addicted fans, I will wave off their apologies, tell them I hope it wasn’t too bad for them, offer them a drink, say “have a seat, welcome back I missed you so much because I’m a complete idiot with no self respect and god I’m so happy to have NHL hockey back thank you thank you thank you…”

Or at least that’s how these things tend to go anyway.

Go.  Players can go to Europe and Russia, just pack up and go.  Well, the top guys can.  It isn’t so easy for plebes to head to Europe.  No, we need lots of time to tuck cash away and make arrangements and…

Wait, did they say full season lockout?

Heck yeah, why do anything by halves?  Burn baby, burn.

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