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How to listen to a hockey game

This isn’t some snarky fan behavior piece.  It is not beautiful, it is not comprehensive, but it should be enough to get someone started who hasn’t had any luck before.

Not all teams broadcast all games.  Some college teams broadcast them, and you can usually find information about that on their team website.  But most of the time one team or the other will broadcast a play by play.  I haven’t recently gone to find a game I wanted to hear and failed, except for this season’s AHL Phantoms.  For no reason I can identify, they don’t have their audio feed linked to the AHL schedule page.  That said, when I first started following development leagues, I didn’t think it was so easy.  Some links are less obvious than others.

Anyway, here you go:

(The clumsy yellow arrows and stuff?  Those are mine, you won’t see those on the web pages indicated.)

AHL: www.theahl.com

Choose one of those links. If your first choice doesn’t work out, try the other one.

If you choose the “Schedule and Scores” link, you get:

Look for that teeny little radio tower. That’s the link you want.

If you choose “Game Audio” you get:

Choose the banner for your team. It will usually take you to the radio station’s home page, but sometimes it will take you right to the feed.

I repeat: if you don’t find what you’re looking for on one of those pages, check the other one.  This is advice I should have heeded when I couldn’t find the Phantoms games.

ECHL: www.echl.com

No confusing multiple choices in this menu.

The ECHL schedule page looks a whole lot like the AHL schedule page:

Look for that little radio tower icon.

The ECHL has a second audio feed link, but it’s located under the Multimedia menu:

Aha, keyword “Audio”

That will take you to a page that again looks awfully familiar:

Pick your team and away you go.

It’s not there!

As you can see in some of these graphics, the schedule shows no radio feed link for some games, either for the home team or the visitor.  This doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t being broadcast.  In such a case, go to the team’s website and look for anything mentioning “Broadcast” or “Media” or “Live.”

Find your team. AHL & ECHL both have these little logos at the top.

The link you want is often found in the “Fan Zone.”   That will usually tell you which radio station or webcast address to go to.

The Bulls site doesn’t give you a handy direct link to the feed but does send you to KNBR.

Sample radio station home page with link to webcast:

Note the nice, clearly marked link with Bulls logo.

If the broadcast isn’t web feed only, you might just be looking for the station’s live feed at game time:

I always use the link my arrow points to. The one in the top left corner goes to the iHeart Radio link, useful for listening on your phone.

If the team is really considerate, they’ll send you quickly to page that looks something like this:

Functional, to the point. I truly appreciate pages like this.

If you are listening from your mobile device, I know that some of these stations are on iHeart Radio, and most have a link that works for a phone on their home page.  I hope this is helpful for those who didn’t think they had access to hockey during the NHL lockout.


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