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The game goes on: more to do in less time for Sharks

(Originally published at Kukla’s Korner, January 10, 2013)

A couple of days ago we got news that Katie Moore, wife of Dominic, passed away.  I can’t think of any words to make sense of this sorrow.  Dominic tweeted a few words yesterday:

@mooredom: I’d like to express our deep appreciation for the overwhelming care and sympathy we have received since my wife’s passing on Monday. The example Katie displayed throughout her life and in particular during her illness is a source of continued strength and inspiration, as is the love and support of those around us. Donations can be made to the future Katie Moore Foundation at katiemoore.org

The outpouring of support and condolences has been recognized and appreciated, but I can’t help thinking it is better that the family was able to go through the ordeal without any public attention.  I do think the hockey community gives people their space in such times, but on hearing the news I was reminded and glad of it.  In the case of such an awful loss, it is a good thing if the family can be together without distraction.  Healing thoughts to the family.

According to Doug Wilson, the Sharks don’t anticipate many roster moves:

…with a 48-game season expected to begin Jan. 19, there’s less time than usual for newcomers to become familiar with the Sharks’ approach to the game and terminology used by the coaches. “We brought in 10 players a year ago,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to be bringing 10 players into a short and compressed season.” -Mercury News

It’s something I’ve always whined about, that high player turnover from season to season seems to be more the rule than the exception for NHL teams.  Well, now is my chance to see how not doing that works out.  I had all but forgotten that the Sharks only added two players last summer, Stuart and Burish.   On the flip side, following an ECHL team is bound to desensitize me to this high turnover anxiety.

How does the new CBA change things for the Sharks?  Will the buyout options be relevant to them?  I don’t think so.  Doug Wilson has essentially been functioning under a system that is compliant with this new CBA for some time.  Apart from having to squeeze down under the new cap, he doesn’t have the sort of mess to clean up that some teams have.  It will be an interesting offseason but for now the push to get up and running for this half season must be more pressing.

Luckily, the injuries Sharks sustained playing overseas shouldn’t be much of a problem.  Braun, Galliardi and Demers should be avaiable for camp or soon thereafter.  Burns might be late too, but if he was playing hurt last season, imagine how helpful he will be all healthy!


Worcester recalled forward Daniil Tarasov and defenseman Mikael Tam, signed ex-Shark forward Patrick Rissmiller and defenseman Michael Wilson.   Four, is that all they’re sending to SJ Camp?  Well, if San Jose’s not planning to change much,  they don’t need all of those. Matt Irwin was a healthy scratch from Monday’s Worcester Sharks game, which had some of us Tweeters speculating that he was being held out to avoid injury before camp. But then why did Sheppard play?  Isn’t he  a top callup candidate too?

My guesses for camp invites would be Irwin, Petrecki, Sheppard and McCarthy.  They could bring fewer still to camp, since they can call familiar players like McCarthy up as needed later,  while Worcester could probably stand to not have their roster gutted.

Worcester plays the Springfield Falcons tomorrow at 4:30 PST.  By then the number of players sitting out or on their way to San Jose should be clearer.  Whatever the state of their roster, for a good time listen to Eric call the game on WTAG.


In response to the Worcester changes, the Bulls signed Joe Tolles and brought back Jonathan Lessard.  They have room for a few more.  The total number of players gone since the lockout ended is six: two to Toronto, two to Worcester and two to San Jose.  Since Clowe never played, his spot is really just a reserve spot, but it will be nice for the team to have someone there who might play instead of an assistant coach.

No news of additional roster moves have been announced, but the Bulls play Idaho tonight at 7:15.  It is the only game going in the ECHL.  I haven’t been to a game against Idaho this season.   I will be very cross if they kick anyone.  And no, I will not forget or forgive that.

Here’s the ECHL’s bullet point preview of the game:

Idaho Steelheads (22-7-5) at San Francisco Bulls (13-17-5)

· Idaho’s Josh Robinson is fourth with a .919 save percentage.

· San Francisco’s Peter Sivak is fifth with 125 shots on goal.

· Steelheads are tied for first with nine shorthanded goals.

· Bulls are 10-4-1 when outshooting their opponent.

Idaho is third in the west right now, just two points behind the Ontario Reign and ten behind the leaders, Alaska.  The Bulls are sitting in eighth place, two points behind Utah and three behind Las Vegas.

Listen on KNBR (if you ever try to find it on the KNBR site without a direct link, look under “Features.”)

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