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Sharks practice: here a change, there a change

(Originally published at Kukla’s Korner, February 8, 2013)

If Burns is practicing next to Stuart, what does that mean?  The other d-pairs were: Murray-Irwin, Boyle-Vlasic, and Demers-Braun.  So, a Stuart-Burns pair could mean something is going to be different tomorrow.  Take your choice: Murray and Irwin sit, or Demers and Braun sit, (I had to take a second to catch my breath after laughing at that one) or Brad Stuart isn’t playing tomorrow.  That might also give you a chuckle unless you’re like me and you always think people are injured, and you can’t believe that Burns is ready to play yet:

‏@PollakOnSharks :Burns paired w/Stuart at #SJSharks practice today, McLellan says he’s getting closer to starting. Sat vs. PHX? “That might be pushing it.”

And no, Brent Burns has not shaved his beard as he told Brodie Brazil he would do.  He not only said that he’d shave before he played, but that he’d shave when he got close to playing.  I would say today is close to tomorrow, and still there he was all furry faced.

Boyle and Vlasic? Of course they will play, unless Boyle doesn’t.  Hey, it was just practice.  Maybe no one will play where they practiced.

Other changes observed this morning: Havlat back in the top six, on the second line with Couture and Marleau.  That put Clowe, Thornton and Pavelski still together on the top line.   No comment, or no new comment there.

Andrew Desjardins took a maintenance day,  so it is hard to know who is likely to play on the fourth line, but Sheppard was up on the third with Wingels and Handzus.  That left Galiardi with Burish and Gomez.


The Coyotes won two January games and have won two February games.  Those were all regulation wins. They haven’t played many overtime games yet. Just one shootout, one other OT, both Phoenix losses.  Smith was pulled in their last game, and it hasn’t been long since he was out with an injury.  No matter, LaBarbera hasn’t proven to be a push over for the Sharks either.

I’m sitting here still wondering my unfounded wonderings, like whether or not Dan Boyle has a head injury.  There, I said it.  I didn’t even call it a knee-virus.  I don’t like lengthy illnesses that involve dizziness, I like them even less in hockey players. 

I don’t care about the anti-biotics, I have heard of people taking them when they do have the flu and even a virus.  I guess sometimes doctors throw everything at it, see if something sticks.  I just don’t like him being out, being in, being back out, and complaining of sinus pain and dizziness.

Isn’t that what the Minny doctors diagnosed Burns with?  A sinus infection?  Aren’t those the same symptoms Pronger had as he popped in and out of the lineup early last season?

I know, it’s been an awful flu season.  I just wish someone would say he’s been checked for other things and is all clear.  Like they would ever say that.


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