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May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

(Originally published at Kukla’s Korner, March 16, 2013)

It is time to put down my talking stick and admit that I’ve taken up residence at the Cow Palace. It’s all good.  If you have enough saddle blankets under the sleeping bag, the concrete floor isn’t too cold. No, no, no, I’m not working for the Bulls, I’m just haunting the old barn.

It’s been an improbable, enjoyable, unpredictable trip. If I hadn’t written down just about every thought I had along the way, I wouldn’t be able to remember where I started. Blogs are better than breadcrumbs, everybody should have one. Blogs don’t fall in a straight line, they twist and turn and sometimes retrace the path, sometimes hit a dead end. Sometimes a stray crumb points you in a new and exciting direction, sometimes your blood sugar is low and you have to eat it.

Thanks to Paul for letting me do this, and to the Sharks and their fans for being such an engaging community. Thanks to the folks who answered my questions, and the ones who smiled hello. Answers led to more questions, that’s the way learning works. It spreads like a virus if you let it.

For me, there is one answer to all the questions, even if it doesn’t really answer them: to write. If I don’t know the answer, I can always write the question. Sometimes I write garbage, but this is the process. Keep writing and sometimes you write something good, even if it’s just one line among hundreds.

It’s the same as racking up shots on goal. Most of your shots will bounce harmlessly off the goalie or go whizzing by the target entirely. It takes patience to keep shooting.

I had fun, I am sure I got a lot more out of this than any reader did. Through the tears, the tirades and the team’s fleeting triumphs, I had fun, tamed a wild cat, and wrote a lot of words. Why stop now? Why not after playoffs? After the draft? After free agent frenzy? It took me a while to notice the pattern. There is no good stopping point, not really. I feel as if I’ve thought every thought I can think about the Sharks, and blogged about all of them more than once. Time for a fresh sheet. This one is all gouged with scribbles and margin notes about the Bulls. Hence the new digs mentioned above.

My next goal is definitely to use  fewer words. I’ll start today.

Thank you for reading,

Go Sharks!


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