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Changes Coming for Sharks, NHL in 2015-16

(Originally published at Sports Radio Service)

The Sharks will have a captain next season, head coach Peter DeBoer told 95.7 the Game on Wednesday. He did not say who it would be, but the floating leadership experiment appears to be over in San Jose.

DeBoer also voiced his support for the changes in the NHL overtime format, approved on June 24. Instead of playing four-on-four, the teams will play three-on-three for five minutes. Last season, the AHL changed its overtime format to three-on-three, but it followed three minutes of four-on-four. Input from players encouraged the NHL to skip the four-on-four and go directly to three-on-three. The plan should reduce the number of shootouts for the upcoming season.

Approved at the same time was the coach’s challenge. For the upcoming season, challenges will be limited to goals scored after potential offside or goalie interference calls. The challenge will result in expanded video review of the play in question. To make a challenge, the team must not have used their timeout yet.

Elsewhere in the NHL, the Arizona Coyotes have reached an agreement with the City of Glendale, yet again. The resolution allows the parties to avoid a more drawn-out legal dispute. Full details of the changes to the agreement will be available on the Glendale City website.

In Toronto, Lou Lamoriello was named general manager of the Maple Leafs. The move surprised many as Lamoriello’s stepping aside in New Jersey appeared to be a sign that he was looking to trim his schedule instead of take on a new GM role.

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