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This page was out of date for a while, but I’ll leave the intro below because it does explain why I started doing this.  I still don’t know where this is going but I like to think “forward.”  Note: that doesn’t indicate any sense of a destination, just continued movement.

November, 2013: Back to writing about the Sharks a lot sooner than I thought I would be, doing some recaps and occasional commentary for Sports Radio Service. Still writing about the Bulls too, and even a few other teams here and there. It’s all good.

March 13, 2013: I haven’t been writing much here because I’m blogging elsewhere now.  I wrote about the San Jose Sharks at Kukla’s Korner from September 2011 until March 2013. Starting February 9, 2013, I have been writing about the San Francisco Bulls for Inside Hockey.  Being a compulsive pack-rat, I’m archiving what I write about the Sharks here, and the stories about the Bulls on another Word Press site called The Bass Fiddle.


March 11, 2010ish: The first time I went to see a Sharks training camp, I felt like I was standing on the shoulder of a very busy freeway.  The players looked so big and were moving so fast that I could think of nothing else to compare it to.  No, I didn’t think they were going to run me over, and I didn’t have any reason to try and dart between them, but it made me a little dizzy.

I imagine many hockey fans have similar tales to tell about early encounters with professional hockey.  I went to that first training camp in 2010, and I’m older than anyone currently playing pro hockey, save a few outliers. That might make the story seem a little bit off, perhaps a little sad.  Some wonder “how the heck do you fall for hockey when you’re…. old?  Can that even happen?  That’s gross.”  Believe me, I’ve heard the like from people in my life, a lot, and not just about changing my mind after 30, but about being a hockey fan at all.  Some suggested therapy, others said I need medication. There were those who just told me to shut up about it.

I didn’t.  Maybe this really is a long, slo-mo nervous breakdown, or a mid-life crisis.  But those can be funny.

I don’t believe that my posts on the subject of hockey are enlightening to anyone who knows anything about the game. Don’t be fooled by my tone or willingness to state opinions.  I know that I don’t know what I am talking about most of the time but years of school have given me a habit of sounding confident without cause.

ppearsonMemeTurnerThis is a chronicle of how I am learning what about the game and the random thoughts that occur to me in the process.  The web is a chaotic place to try and learn anything.  I find that such a classroom can generate a surprising variety of misunderstandings on the way to enlightenment.

PS: I am the same petshark that once circled the HL:TS and HL:TR boards, belongs to the OPJFC, and founded the Crowe’s Perch Message Board.  If you don’t know what any of those are, don’t fret yourself, I don’t assume anyone knows.  But for those who do, hey there.   I came up with this handle on the Penguin fan boards in the late 90s, but was frightened away from there pretty quickly.  What kind of an idiot picks that name on a Penguins board anyway?

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