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Carry On My Wayward Son and stuff

What a year. For me it has been rough. Not my worst year on record at all, but one of those crisis-to-crisis years that makes the phrase “no rest for the wicked” echo in your head.  I don’t feel especially wicked, but I guess folks assume that the universe acts with intent, and if life is hard, it’s because you did something to deserve it. I don’t believe that but catch phrases have a way of infiltrating your consciousness.

It’s like the song lyric “Carry on my wayward son” that keeps echoing in my head. Yes, I watch Supernatural but I haven’t seen any this week. I keep thinking how the Sharks need to carry on and it sort of rolls into the lyric. I would not call the Sharks “wayward.” They are quite the opposite this season. They have been diligent as always but more steady and task-oriented than ever. No, they are not wayward. They are very much on target. (more…)


What Are The Sharks Doing Now?

What are the Sharks doing now? It looks like the same thing they have been doing all season but I still don’t know what it is.

Andrew Desjardins, Tyler Kennedy and James Sheppard are all going to the Stanley Cup playoffs without the San Jose Sharks. Desi will play with the Blackhawks, Kennedy with the Islanders, and Sheppard was traded to the Rangers. Others won’t be in the playoffs but at least they are seeing NHL ice time– without the Sharks. Freddie Hamilton and Tye McGinn landed with the Colorado Avalanche and the Arizona Coyotes respectively. McGinn’s move might have been an “oops,” since he was claimed off of waivers when the Sharks tried to send him down to the AHL. Hamilton was traded fair and square. (more…)

NHL Free Agency Day 2: What Are The Sharks Doing?

(Originally published at Sports Radio Service)

What are the Sharks doing? This is a question that came up over and over on Twitter today, from near and far. Today the team made three announcements, in this order: the Sharks are holding auditions for women to join their co-ed ice crew, and they will wear short tops and tights. Second, the Sharks signed 31-year old left wing John Scott. Third, they traded a 2015 3rd round pick to the Philadelphia Flyers for 23-year old left wing Tye McGinn.

The team’s activity at the draft and on the first day of free agency seemed consistent with General Manager Doug Wilson’s promise that he was not going to make any big moves that would cost picks, prospects, or young players. He used his picks, trading them only for more picks. (more…)

How to Tell if You Have Mad Shark Disease

(Originally published at Sports Radio Service)

The San Jose Sharks are engaging in some very strange behavior. They seem hell bent on alienating a fan base that they spent many years building up. They are firing favorites and making deranged threats about a losing season and possible relocations. Someone put something funny in the San Jose water.

The relocation noise seems to be connected to complaints about a painfully horrible 14 year contract that the Sharks have with CSN Bay Area. In theory, if the Sharks moved to Seattle, where they have no new arena, they would no longer be in the Bay Area and CSN could not hold them to the punitively bad agreement. The other relocation theory is that the Sharks would move only as far as Santa Clara, to be near the fancy new Levis stadium. Like Seattle, Santa Clara also does not have a new rink waiting for an NHL team to move in. (more…)

Some fun lists

I found this while looking for this. Of the first this, second discovered but first found today, I reacted to #4 with “yeah, okay, I can deal with that.” Of #12 I thought “gulp, I am an unworthy member of several of those majority groups.”

Of the very last line, the caption under #22, I thought simply, “oh crap.”

Similarly, in the first discovered list, second found today, it was the last line that stuck with me. That I might be a member of a class that is presumed to be so finicky gave me some comfort. Clearly, I am easily reassured.

The Emotion Paradox: Can Torres Keep The Hits In Check?

(Originally published at Sports Radio Service)

Hockey is a contact sport. That is an interesting euphemism for a sport that allows or encourages collisions and physical blows. There are rules, guidelines for this violence that require a degree of composure and calm that most people don’t associate with physical violence. Like martial arts, precision is paramount and emotion is not precise.

Raffi Torres has received as much praise for hitting more and harder as for the three goals he earned before he started hitting again. He might even be getting more press for these hits, which presumably lifted his flagging team to the win over Pittsburgh on Thursday. Hits like Torres is making are credited with inspiring the team. The problem is, he probably shouldn’t indulged in that emotional hit himself while providing it for others. That takes a rare personality that he has not displayed to this point. (more…)

USA Men’s Hockey Falters, Falls Short

(Originally published at Sports Radio Service)

USA hockey fans watched their women lose to Canada last Thursday, by one goal, in overtime, during a 5 on 3 penalty kill. It was disappointing, heartbreaking. The men followed that up on Saturday with a loss so stunning it left me more baffled than emotional.