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What a word can do

Apparently the Flyers sat their showboat goalie down and had a chat with him.  This chat was preceded by more subtle cues like ignoring and avoiding him.  It doesn’t sound like he was getting the message so they put it plainly for him.

That link won’t tell you what they said, because they didn’t repeat it.  I love that Briere took the press lead on this.  I guess it’s possible Briere just blabbed about it first.  Libras are so chatty.  But I can imagine him leading the intervention too. 

Everything Bryzgalov has said in the past, the funny things, the shocking things, none of it really sounded ill-willed.  It sounded clueless.  When he asked why people were mad, I think he really wanted to know.  I wonder how often people actually answered his question instead of just laughing at the fact that he asked?

When you have someone like that, subtle hints won’t get through.  He notices that people are unhappy but he doesn’t necessarily know why.  See his relationship with the Coyotes, who, unbeknownst to him, were not sorry to see him go.  Finding this out was very upsetting for him.  I wonder if they ever tried talking to him?  Did they tell him what was on their minds, or did they just do the non-verbal shunning thing most people do?

I think most of us have been there, on both sides of that, it isn’t so strange.  It is very inefficient though, not something you can let go in a team setting.

I won’t claim that talking to him was a particularly Libra approach, but yeah, we do tend to mention stuff.  It was a good move, really the only move available to the Flyers, to just sit him down and explain what was bugging them.  I wonder if the press silence was set off by that.  I wonder if he needed to take some time to write new rules for his relationship with the press.  Most importantly, he seems to have responded, it’s showing in his play.  I hope the improvement sticks.

Well, maybe that isn’t the most important part.  I like the idea of them all being happy and friendly now too.

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